Past Meetings

Some of the talks from past meetings have been recorded in digital form and can be found below:

December 2021 Miscellany: Facebook & YouTube

Fires and Firefihting in Aldbourne 1760-2021 by Cassie Rust and Alan Heasman: Facebook & YouTube

What’s In a Name, May talk by Liz Dymond: Facebook & YouTube

Aldbourne’s Royal Jockey – Paddy Gilligan

Tokens and Traders, June 2021 talk by John Dynmond & Cassie Rust: Facebook & YouTube.

Beech Knoll, April 2021 talk by Alan Heasman: FacebookYouTube

Aldbourne Charities, a talk by Terry Gilligan voice by Cassie: Facebook & YouTube

Aldbourne and the Liddiards, a talk by John Dymond for the Online Liddiard Family Gathering 2020: YouTube

Fire! by Cassie Rust: Facebook & YouTube

Prehistoric Aldbourne, by Cassie Rust: Facebook & YouTube

Historic Graffiti in St Michaels Aldbourne, by Cassie Rust: Facebook & YouTube

The Duchy of Lancaster and the Manor of Aldbourne, a talk by John Dymond: Facebook & YouTube

Pubs of Aldbourne, by Alan Heasman (recorded in 2017) : Part1 and part2

Lost Buildings of Aldbourne (a new recording of an older talk by Cassie Rust): Facebook & YouTube.

Graffiti In St Michael’s Church

Fustian: From Egypt to Aldbourne

Yew Tree Cottage & Albert Stacey

Digging a Roman Villa

Barnes Yard Archaeology

The Duchy of Lancaster & the Manor of Aldbourne