Aldbourne Heritage Centre

Flint thumbscraper found in Southward Lane areaStone Age

Mesolithic microliths have been found at Woodsend, Stock Lane & North Farm

We know that neolithic man was in the area. Flint tools have been found in the Southward Lane area.


Bronze Age

Most if not all of the barrows in the area are Bronze Age, many of them being just outside the village either side of the road towards Swindon. In 1887 Cannon Greenwell excavated the barrows, and found the Aldbourne Cup

Iron Age

The Barnes Yard excavation (LINKS) found traces of late Iron Age/ Early Roman activity, including a skill fragment with a polished edge. We cannot be sure how this came to be, but the excavation team suggested it might be a form of shallow cup.

In his book, Maurice Crane, states that there is evidence of Celtic settlements with field systems on the higher ground at Upper Upham, Stock Lane, Hillwood, Chase Woods, and North Farm