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Aldbourne Timeline

Prehistoric Aldbourne

Stone Age

Mesolithic microliths have been found at Woodsend, Stock Lane & North Farm

We know that neolithic man was in the area. Flint tools have been found in the Southward Lane area.




Bronze Age

Most if not all of the barrows in the area are Bronze Age, many of them …

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See Barnes Yard Excavation Report Summary Talk for more detail on the Roman activity in that area.

Over the boundary of Barnes Yard, in the rear of the Masons Arms area, a quantity of Roman pottery has been found. Much of the pottery found has not been turned by the plough suggesting that Romans …

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It was in this period that Aldbourne was first recorded.

In 880 King Alfred leaves “a ham at Ældingburnham” to his nephew Ælthelm .

In 970 the village is recorded as Aldincburnan. The Domesday book shows that the villages was held by the King with enough land for 45 plough teams.

Various …

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Early Medieval

1066 Gytha or her son Earl Harold held the estate of Aldbourne 1086 William I siezes the Manor of Aldbourne from Gytha .

Aldbourne granted to a count of Perche.

Aldbourne was assessed at 40 hides.

There were :

10 ploughteams, with 25 serfs and 14 ‘coliberts’, were assigned to the demesne …

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See here for an interesting article on Lewisham Castle which is in Aldbourne Chase.


1372 The warrener was ordered to send six dozen rabbits to the palace of the Savoy and fifteen dozen to Hertford Castle during Christmas. 1377 Aldbourne had 253 poll tax payers, Snap 19, and Upham 40 1378 The …

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Early Modern


An inn was recorded in or near Grasshills.

Aldbourne was settled for 99 years on trustees for Charles, prince of Wales (Charles I)

Right to hunt deer over the 1,400 a. of the chase was, as part of Aldbourne manor, settled for a term of 99 years on trustees for the prince of Wales

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It’s impossible to consider the recent history of Aldbourne without the 101st Airborne. We have a separate page here LINK.

1839 A National school with two schoolrooms was built 1840 Cottages in West Street were converted into a Primitive Methodist chapel

Wesleyan chapel , West St 1841 Cottages in Back Lane were converted into Little …

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