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Aldbourne Band

Aldbourne Band 2015

Aldbourne Band 2015

Aldbourne is lucky enough to have an excellent band, who we enjoy listening to on occasions throughout the year. The Friends of Aldbourne Band recently ran a Heritage Project to record  and present as much as possible of the history of the band.

These pages are a presentation of the results of that project and the material they gathered.

Aldbourne Band – A History by Graham Palmer

We are very grateful to Graham Palmer for his permission to us to make public the text of his book about Aldbourne Band. The copyright for this book is his.

The text of the book we received seems to have been a late draft so please excuse the odd part that seems unfinished.

Below are …

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Aldbourne Band: Heritage Project

In 2013 the Friends of Aldbourne Band launched a project to record and present the heritage and history of Aldbourne band.

The Friends applied for and received a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund All Our Stories



The Band wanted to make a public announcement to mark the beginning of the Project …

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Aldbourne Band: Resources

One of the outputs of the Heritage Project was an education pack, we are making this available here. To quote from the project final report:

One of the original objectives of the Project was to involve local schools by offering an “Education Pack” which the schools could use as a curriculum …

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