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2015 Panels

Display Panel 2015 – The Aldbourne Cup


The Aldbourne Cup

The Aldbourne Cup is an unusual early Bronze Age (c. 1700-1500 BC) small ceramic cup with a lid.  It was discovered in 1878 by Canon William Greenwell in a barrow or burial mound 1½ miles north-west of Aldbourne.  The site is about 100 yards from the B4192 and just below the …

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Hightown Stables

Display Panel 2015 – Aldbourne Racing Stables – Pre-War

Aldbourne Racing Stables

Aldbourne has long been a very industrious village. Many of its industries are well documented and well known locally. However, there is one industry that for a short period of time was so successful that it was talked about right across the country and graced by royalty.

Today very few people are …

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Display Panel 2015 – Aldbourne Racing Stables – Post-War

The Rise, Rise … and Fall of Hightown Stables

Late 1944 saw the departure of the Americans, and the stables were in a bit of a mess. Major Bay Powell returned from the war and immediately refurbished the yard to bring the it up to his very high standards. Very soon owners returned …

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Display Panel 2015 – Barnes Coaches

“From a Packet of Pins”

The story of Barnes Coaches (Aldbourne) Ltd


In March 1920, Tommy Barnes became the village carrier to Hungerford. He acquired two carts and six horses from his predecessor, Jimmy Martin. Tommy was married to Ada, who was quite a businesswoman, and spurred him on. Both …

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Display Panel 2015 – Aldbourne Chase Disputes

Hunting has taken place on the wooded hills around Aldbourne since time immemorial. William I was aware of the area’s attraction shortly after the Conquest when he seized the Manor of Aldbourne from its Saxon lord, Ghida. He designated about 5,000 acres as a royal chase and appointed one, William Waleran, as his Huntsman. Royal …

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Display Panel 2015 – Aldbourne Floods

Aldbourne has occasional ‘flooding’ for two main reasons. First, it is situated at the confluence of several downland valleys none of which have a permanent water course. In periods of excessive rain, especially short intense rain storms, excess water is not absorbed quickly enough by the ground especially if it is already saturated or frozen. …

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Display Panel 2015 – Aldbourne Schools

Aldbourne Schools

The earliest recording of a school in the village is from 1668 and was run by dissenters. In 1736 a ‘schoolmaster’ was recorded as living in Aldbourne. It is believed that a small room over the porch at St Michael’s was the school room but it had ceased by 1783. …

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