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2014 Panels

Display Panel 2014 – Aldbourne TimeLine


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Display Panel 2014 – Barney West and the Bell Inn

In 1902 Liz and Barney West came to live at 14, the Square, “The Bell Inn”, it was thatched and had cobblestones at the front, the pavement didn’t come until the 50’s. There was a stable at the back, the mangers were still there up until 20 years ago. There was a wash-house …

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Display Panel 2014 – 30 Years of Change


Aldbourne changed little over the hundred years to 1946 – the core of the village remained much as it was through Victoria’s reign.

The only signs of recent development are the houses along Lottage Road – semi-detached council houses to the west and private mostly detached houses and …

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Tools and parts of a chair

Display Panel 2014 – Chair Making

In addition to bell-founding, a number of ‘village industries’ flourished and then faded out in Aldbourne at different times between the 18th century and the early decades of the 20th century.  One of these was chair-making.

Seven chair-makers lived in Aldbourne in 1851 (including five members of the Palmer family), and …

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