Aldbourne Heritage Centre
Rank & Unit Corporal, 2nd Btn, Wilts Regt
Death 21 Mar 1918, St Quentin, France
Family Son of John (of Kandahar fame) and Martha Wakefield
Biographic detail Born 1890, in Egypt with army in 1911. Frank Henry Wakefield had been encouraged by his father to become a full time soldier and had joined the 2nd Wilts regiment well before the onset of the war.
Extra detail “Came back from Chile, left his job at £40 a month, paid £50 fare.
Landing at Liverpool, he was a soldier again in five minutes” – suggests that he had left the army, emigrated, then returned when the war started.Presumed dead, under intense bombardment, 597 men reported missing that month, commemorated at Savy British cemetery Aisne, France