Aldbourne Heritage Centre

Ramsbury, Aldbourn and Neighbours

Ramsbury is a large village in the parish and hundred of its name, 70 miles from London, 7 from Marlborough, and 5 from Hungerford; pleasantly situated upon the river Kennet, upon which are some corn mills. In the time of the Saxons this was a place of some consequence, being the see of a bishop, united to Sherborne first, and then tralsated to Old Sarum. It was at one time noted for its beer, but no particular trade or manufactures are now conspicuous in thre place. The places of worship are, the parish church, a large structure with a tower; and two dissenting chapels. Sir Frances Burdett, Bart. Is proprietor of an estate and mansion here; he is lord of the manor, and holds a court leet annually. There are two annual fairs, one held on the 14th of May for cattle, and the other on the 11th of October for hiring agricultural servants. Wtihin the parish bounds are the tythings of Axford, Eastridge, and the Town tything, containing together, the the census of 1821, 2,335 inhabitants.

Aldbourn is a village and parish in the hundred of Selkey, 3 miles north of Ramsbury, and was once of much greater extent and consequence than at this period, haviung had a flourishing market; but a file, which happened in 1760, consumed 72 houses, and property to the amount of £20,000. was destroyed by the dreadful conflaguration. Seasonable relief was afforded to the sufferers by a national subscription, but the market afterwards was never good, and is now extinct. The manufacture of fustians at one time employed the capital of many respectable residents here, but that branch of trade is nearly lost, and the place is fast merging into an obscure village. The church, which is a fine structure, is the only building that is likely to engage the attention of the passenger through Aldbourn. The parish contained, in 1821, 1,385 souls.

Post office, Ramsbury, John Woodruff, postmaster. – Letters from all parts arrive (by horse post) from Hungerford every morning at half-past seven, and are despatched every afternoon at half-past 5.

Gentry and clergy.

Blackman Dr James, Ramsbury

Brown Miss Mary Ann, Aldbourn

Craven Major, Chilton

Greenwood Rev. Wm. Ramsbury

Hill Thomas, gent. Aldbourn

Merrick Dr. Edward, Ramsbury

Merrick Rev. Arthur, Ramsbury

Neate Stephen, gent. Aldbourn

Pearse John, esq. Chilton house

Popham Lieut.-Gen. Littlecot house

Seymour John Richard, esq. Crowwood

Smith Thomas, esq. Manor house, Ramsbury

Williams Rev. Morgan, Aldbourne

Professional Persons in Ramsbury

Kite Alfred, surgeon

Lesage Charles Francis (professor and teacher of French)

Rowland William, attorney

Academies & Schools

Cooper Charlotte (day) Ramsbury

Lesage Ann (boarding) Ramsbury

Merrick Rev. Arthur (gent.’s boarding) Ramsbury

Odam William (boarding, &agent for the Globe Insurance) Ramsbury

Inns and Public Houses

Bell, Anthony Buckland, Aldbourn

Bell, Stephen Tomlins, Rmsbry

Bleeding Horse, Silvester Butler, Ramsbury

Blue Boar, Sarah Pearce, Aldbourn

Burdett Arms, Jno. Fowler, Rmsbry

Castle, John Woodruff, Ramsbury

Crown, Thomas Tomlins, Aldbourn

Malt Shovel, G. Alexander. Rmsbury

Shopkeepers & Traders

In Ramsbury when not otherwise mentioned

Alexander Ambrose, wheelwright

Alexander John, Wheelwright and shopkeeper

Andrews James, blacksmith

Andrews John, blacksmith

Ashley John, tanner

Ball George, tailor

Ball Henry, linen draper, &c.

Bayman James, boot & shoe maker

Beezley James, boot & shoe maker

Biggs John, shopkeeper

Bridgman Js. bell founder, Aldbourne

Brown Sophia, straw hat maker

Bushell Geo. watch & clock maker

Copland Ann, straw hat maker

Copland Rosanna, straw hat maker

Copland William, blacksmith & shopkeeper

Cowley Joseph, shopkeeper

Cox John, bricklayer

Cue Jno. tallow chandler, Aldbourn

Day Harriet, saddler & harnes mkr

Dymock Sarah, shopkeeper

Edwards William, miller

Fosbury Robt. B. brewer & maltster

Frankland William, parish clerk

Goddard Elizabeth, shopkeeper

Goddard Thomas, tanner

Gould Charles, maltster, Aldbourn

Hadderal My, milliner & dress mkr

Hazell & Edwards, maltsters

Hazell William, baker & shopkeeper

Heiron Daniel, shopkeeper

Herring Ann, shopkeeper, Aldbourn

Hill George, grocer, druggist & undertaker, Aldbourn

Hill Mary, milliner & dressmaker

Hill Richard, grocer, spirit dealer and tallow chandler

Hinwood Thomas, currier

Irons Daniel, carpenter

Langfield James, carpenter

Landsdowne John, wheelwright

Large John, grocer and draper

Lawrence Jane, shopkeepr, Aldborn

Lawrence John, basket maker

Lawrence Silas, hair dresser

Lawrence Ts. glover & breeches maker

Liddiard Dnl. parish clerk, Aldbourn

Luke Jas. carpenter

Luker John, plumber, painter and glazier

Martin Henry, butcher

Martin Joseph, bricklayer

Martin William, butcher

Maslin John, furrier & shopkeeper

Maslin Jonathan, boot & shoe mkr

May Thomas, maltster, Aldbourn

Miller Chas. plumber, painter, &c.

Osmond John, miller

Osmond Steph. maltster, fellmonger & baker

Palmer Grace, baker & shopkeeper, Aldbourn

Palmer Martin, baker & shopkeeper, Aldbourn

Palmer WM. shopkeeper, Aldbourn

Pearse Catherine, baker

Pizzie Caled, butcher, and boot and shoe maker, Aldbourn

Pullen, Daniel, tailor

Reason Elizabeth, shopkeeper

Reason George, carpenter

Sheppard Jas. straw hat maker, Aldbourn

Sheppard John miller

Smith John, baker & shopkeeper, Aldbourn

Smith Jos. Miller, maltster & blacksmith, Aldbourn

Smith Joseph, baker

Spearing William, maltster

Stevens Joseph, carpenter

Tamage Jas. shopkeeper

Taylor Steph. tailor & shopkeeper, Aldbourn

Twycross James, tailor

Waight Richard, shopkeeper

White Mary, blacksmith

Wilkins Mary, agent for the Norwich Union Fire Office

Wilson Geo. butcher

Witts Broome, fustian manufactr. Aldbourn

Wyatt John, architect

Zillwood Philip, agent for the Salamander Fire Office


To LONDON, a Post Coach (from Swindon) calls at the Bell every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at half-past seven; goes thro’ Hungerford, Newbury, Reading, Mainenhead &c.

To SWINDON a Post Coach (from London) calls at the Bell, every Tiesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon at 5.


To LONDON, William Blagrave, every Tuesday

To MARLBOROUGH, Samuel Fowler, every Wed. & Sat.