Aldbourne Heritage Centre

Due to the coronavirus meetings have been postponed, but this page will list talks that we are recording from our isolation.

Lost Buildings of Aldbourne (a new recording of an older talk by Cassie Rust): Facebook & YouTube.

Pubs of Aldbourne, by Alan Heasman (recorded in 2017) : Part1 and part2

The Duchy of Lancaster and the Manor of Aldbourne, a talk by John Dymond: Facebook & YouTube

Historic Graffiti in St Michaels Aldbourne, by Cassie Rust: Facebook & YouTube

Prehistoric Aldbourne, by Cassie Rust: Facebook & YouTube

Fire! by Cassie Rust: Facebook & YouTube

Aldbourne and the Liddiards, a talk by John Dymond for the Online Liddiard Family Gathering 2020: YouTube

Aldbourne Charities, a talk by Terry Gilligan voice by Cassie: Facebook & YouTube

Beech Knoll, April 2021 talk by Alan Heasman: FacebookYouTube.

Tokens and Traders, June 2021 talk by John Dynmond & Cassie Rust: Facebook & YouTube.