Aldbourne Heritage Centre

Kew Visit

View of National Archives at Kew on a sunny day

I’ve been up to Kew again today (old photo – it wasn’t sunny today). Can’t say that I’m a fan of what iscalled Brutalist Architecture, but the contents are all sorts of things. Previously I’d visited doing military research, but this time I was researching Aldbourne schools. But while I was there I took the opportunity to photograph a bunch of other records. These included:

  • Duchy of Lancaster Records of Doyley vs Hayne – there were a number of files about this case from the 1620s – I hope there’s  interesting story in there, but the handwriting is nothing like a modern hand, Either I’ll have to teach myself to read it, or persuade someone else to transcribe it
  • Inland Revenue tax records
  • Chancery records of multiple cases – same problem with the handwriting – they and the Duchy records are all written on vellum – it’s amazing to handle documents that old and they’re still really robust – even if you do have to wash you hands after to get rid of a certain amount of historic grime!
  • And lastly the hearth tax exemption document from 1671, this is it:

photo of hearth tax exemption document for Aldbourne dated 1671

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