Aldbourne Heritage Centre

P1070742These are the tracks from the oral history CD published in 2007 by the Trustees of the Memorial Hall

Ch01JulieAlder Play
    Julie Alder transcription

Ch02ChrisBarnes Play
    Chris Barnes transcription

Ch03MichaelBarnes Play
    Michael Barnes transcription (partial)

Ch04OHLTedBarnes Play
    Ted Barnes transcription

Ch05AudreyBarret Play
    Audrey Barrett transcription

Ch06CyrilBarret Play
    Cyril Barrett transcription

Ch07MabsBeckingham Play
    Mabel Beckingham transcription

Ch08PeggyBendle Play
    Peggy Bendle transcription

Ch09KenBrind Play
    Ken Brind transcription

Ch10TonyBrind Play
    Tony Brind transcription

Ch11EdithComely Play
    Edith Comley transcription

Ch12MollyCullisJoanPhizaklea Play
    Molly Cullis & Joan Phizaclea transcription

Ch13MegDuckworth Play
    Meg Duckworth transcription

Ch14JohnFisher Play
    John Fisher transcription

Ch15TerryGilligan Play
    Terry Gilligan transcription

Ch16RonHacker Play
    Ron Hacker transcription

Ch17BillHale Play
    Bill Hale transcription

Ch18HaroldHerring Play
    Harold Herring transcription

Ch19JohnHunt Play
    John Hunt transcription

Ch20GeraldJerram Play
    Gerald Jerram transcription

Ch21PearlJerram Play
    Pearl Jerram transcription

Ch22NancyKeast Play
   Nancy Keast transcription

Ch23DennisKeen Play
    Dennis Keen transcription

Ch24ConnieLiddiard Play
    Connie Liddiard transcription

Ch25DaphneLudlow Play
    Daphne Ludlow transcription

Ch26MaryMacKrill Play
    Mary MacKrill transcription

Ch27NinaMcKeon Play
    Nina McKeon transcription

Ch28DuncanMcPhedron Play
    Duncan McPhedron transcription

Ch29GeorgeNewman Play
    George Newman transcription

Ch30OliveOrchard Play
    Olive Orchard transcription

Ch31DavidPalmer Play
    David Palmer transcription

Ch32IanPalmer Play
    Ian Palmer transcription

Ch33MargaretPalmer Play
    Margaret Palmer transcription

Ch34WallyPalmer Play
    Wally Palmer transcription

Ch35AnnePayne Play
    Anne Payne transcription

Ch36NeilsonPearse Play
    Neilson Pearse transcription

Ch37DavidPowell Play
    David Powell transcription

Ch38RuthPowell Play
    Ruth Powell transcription

Ch39CarolPrenticeGuyWentworth Play
     Carol Prentice & Guy Wentworth transcription

CH40PamPuttick Play
     Pam Puttick transcription

Ch41MoiraandHarrySheppard Play
    Harry & Maura Sheppard transcription

Ch42EthelUnderwood Play
     Ethel Underwood transcription

Ch43AndreaWest Play
     Andrea West transcription

Ch44JeanWootton Play
     Jean Wootton transcription