Aldbourne Heritage Centre


Date Event
1372 The warrener was ordered to send six dozen rabbits to the palace of the Savoy and fifteen dozen to Hertford Castle during Christmas.
1377 Aldbourne had 253 poll tax payers, Snap 19, and Upham 40
1378 The abbess of Lacock had the right to four dozen rabbits from Aldbourne warren in compensation for damage done to her lands adjoining it.
c1385 Henry Bolingbroke [later Henry IV] inherits Aldbourne from his father John o’ Gaunt
1390-1430 The sale of rabbits from Aldbourne warren produced approximately £40 a year, sometimes half the profit from the demesne of Aldbourne manor, of which it was part
1435-6 After two hard winters had almost destroyed the warren, no rabbits were taken
1460 Church is remodelled with present tower by Richard Goddard and rededicated to St Michael the Archangel
The Chantry of the Fraternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is founded to tend the Lady Chapel. Henry Frekylton is appointed Chaplain of the Fraternity.
1467 The manor was settled on Queen Elizabeth for life
1472 The watermill burnt down
1482 Possible build date of the Court House
1492 Elizabeth Goddard, wife of Richard Goddard dies. She is commemorated by a brass on the floor of the South Aisle
1508 Death of Henry Frekylton. He has a brass on the floor of the Chancel
1509 Watermill rebuilt, there are no records of it after 1553
1516 An inn is known to be in Aldbourne.
The oldest bell is hung in the Tower in memory of Richard Goddard and his two wives. An ale is held outside the Blue Boar and the upturned bell is filled with beer.
1539 Henry VIII grants Upham to John Goddard
1541 The rectory or rectory manor, an estate of land and tithes, was granted to the dean and chapter of Winchester
Thomas Seymour becomes Rector of Aldbourne
1546 Chantry of St Mary the Virgin is dissolved
1547 Aldbourne granted to Edward Seymour, duke of Somerset
1548 There were 400 communicants in the parish and the vicar was said to need an assistant
1549 Parish population was circa 400
1552 Aldbourne reverted to the Crown on Somerset’s attainder
1553 The first mention of the name of South Street
1562 Reversion of Upham is sold to Thomas Goddard
1580s Richard Cook, the vicar, was accused of preaching unsound doctrine and of immorality
1581 Fairs were said to be held annually on St. Edward’s day, 18 March, and St. Mary Magdalene’s day, 22 July
1588 Thomas Goddard gives £25 towards defence against the Armada