Aldbourne Heritage Centre

We remember those who fell whilst serving their country in the First World War.

Below you will find 4 pages each containing more pages, one for each of the fallen. They are sorted alphabetically.

The list is a result of our research, starting with the two war memorials in the village (they do no match, neither contains all the names on the other). Then we have added others found to have a connection to the village.

Largely speaking this list consists of:

  • Aldbourne men who still lived in Aldbourne before joining up
  • Aldbourne men who had moved away from the village before joining up (including some who had emigrated to Australia and Canada)
  • Men from elsewhere who had been resident in the village before joining up

There are a few that sadly we haven’t been able to establish details for, they occur on a war memorial but we know nothing more as yet, but our research continues.

WW1: Roll of Honour: A-E

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WW1: Roll of Honour: F-L

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WW1: Roll of Honour: M-Sm

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WW1: Roll of Honour: Sp-W

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