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New Online Talk – The Duchy of Lancaster & the Manor of Aldbourne

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A talk by John Dymond, given to the Aldbourne Community Heritage Group on 28th September 2015

A review of what is known about the history of the Royal Manor of Aldbourne since Anglo-Saxon times through until it ceased to be part of the Duchy of Lancaster in 1626. It also touches on how the manor was administered and how that affected the people who lived in the village. It introduces and explains some of the early documents relating to the village which are held in the National Archives and in the Wiltshire History Centre at Chippenham.



4 thoughts on “New Online Talk – The Duchy of Lancaster & the Manor of Aldbourne

  1. John,

    Was delighted to find this. One of these days, it’s on my bucket list to spend considerably more time in Aldbourne & surrounds and spend a bit of time at your Heritage Center. Thanks for these insights. I’m still working on my Family Memoir covering roughly 1531-1951, but I’m not just researching my lines of Goddards, Taylors, Powers and Sauls, but the context of their lives. It’s been an engaging project. Hope you are well and staying safe. Steve Sauls, Miami. July 2020

      1. On Sunday, April 23, 2023, we will be arriving at Southampton and spend a couple of days with Milly in Aldbourne. I would hope to check in with you Monday the 24th. We’ll go to London for a couple of days to greet family members arriving there for a tour of Family sights there: Tower of London; Westminster Abbey, Temple Church. Then on Thursday morning, April 27, the plan is to head to Wiltshire and visit you in Aldbourne. First we’ll stop first at Itchell Park just to see the area where Anne Gifford Goddard grew up, and, If I can arrange it, stop for a guided tour of Highclere Castle (there is a later day Goddard connection), and then proceed to Albourne. We would hopefully be there in time for lunch at the pub in Aldbourne, visit the Centre, tour the church, take a walking tour of the village, and possible hike up to Upper Upham before spending the night in Albourne. I expect our group could be as many as 10 plus a driver and Milly. The highlight would be our meeting you and Milly and visiting the Centre. I’m trying to complete a somewhat finished draft of my epic family ancestral narrative by the end of the year, but that may be ambitious. A lot of material comes in bits and pieces and must be confirmed, fact checked and put together in a coherent narrative. I intend to send you some of it in advance as I’ve gone deep into the royal ancestry of Anne Gifford Goddard, not only who she was when she married Thomas Goddard, but ancestry back to Alfred the Great and William the Conqueror. Furthermore, the Magna Carta Project has confirmed through its work that 11 of the Magna Carta Surety Barons are ancestors of William Henry Goddard, our American progenitor, in addition to King John himself. It adds up to somewhat of an overview of English history through direct family connections. From Aldbourne, we plan to pass by Clyffe Pypard, overnight in Lacock Village, overnight in Swindon at the Goddard Arms, and then proceed to Oxford for two days. I’ve teased out connections to three of the colleges there starting with Edward Goddard of Englesham in 1603. I’ll also send this to you by a proper e-mail. Steve Sauls

  2. I too was delighted to find and listen to this excellent talk. I have acquired a lot of new knowledge from it. My line of ancestors were humble folk and I would love to find them in the records,but I doubt it. Who knows though? One never knows. They are certainly there in the Parish church records.

    Sheila Butler

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