Aldbourne Heritage Centre
Rank & Unit Captain, A Coy, 9th Btn, Black Watch
Death 25 Sept 1915, Loos, aged 41, leading his company in an attack on enemy lines
Family Left a widow Lucy and 4 children. His only son, a pilot, was shot down over France in 1940
Biographic detail Resident at the Old Rectory at the outbreak of war
Extra detail All four companies suffered heavy losses within minutes, including three company commanders killed (the other wounded), all four CSMs killed, and over 200 other ranks killed. But the Brigade went on to take the German line, the village of Loos, and Hill 70. Of the 940 soldiers of 9th BW who went into action on 25 September only 98 returned when relieved in the early hours of the following morning.

His obituary reports that he was a keen sportsman, while in India he was the master of the Bombay Hounds; he was a keen polo player, and in 1909 won the Guzerat pig-sticking cup

photograph of Donald Graham in army uniform