Aldbourne Heritage Centre

HH: How things have changed over the years. When I left school at the age of 14, I started work at the Aldbourne Industry Cycle Company. My wage was 7/6d per week. Besides selling and repairing cycles, we sold household goods, hardware goods, seeds, garden tools, petrol and paraffin. One of my jobs was to deliver the paraffin around the village with a bicycle and sidecar which had a 15 gallon drum on it with a tap and room for measures. The price was 8d per gallon. I remember when Marshal Watson stopped me one day and asked why I always pushed the full load up the hill and not unload as I went up. I said, well, if I run out at the top, I would have to push another load up there. Well done, my boy. In the 1920s and 30s paraffin was used for heating, lighting and cooking. OK, can you replay that back?
Q: Sorry, I am afraid I can’t. When did you start work?
HH: I was born in 1922, so 1936.
Q: From 1936. So you worked at what became Aldbourne Engineering?
HH: Yes, Later on.
Q: And who did you work for?
HH: Mr McKeon.
Q: That was later.
HH: Yes.
Q: But you went to work first for Mr. Alsop?
HH: Yes.
Q: That was a nice interview; and you enjoyed your work?
HH: Yes.