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Inquisitee: GODARD, Richard of Upham

Inquisition Post Mortem: July 1508

Original held by: The National Archive, Kew Ref: E 150/961/16
Text retrieved from: British History Online on 2nd October item: 1115

Inquisition, virtute officii, . . July, 23 Henry VII [1508].
Long before his death, by his charter dated 27 April, 1 Henry VII [1486], he (by the name of Richard Godard of Upham in the parish of Aldeborn) granted the under-mentioned messuages &c. in Aldeborn and Upham except the messuage and 18a. land in Aldeborn and the 2a. in Aldeborn called ‘Smythis lande,’ (by the name of all his messuages &c. in Upham and his 3 tenements in Aldeborn which he together in Portstr[ete between] …… on the north and a tenement of Robert Morley on the south, with the curtilages, gardens, 10a. arable lying scattered in the fields of Aldeborn, and common …… . .), to John Stone, vicar of the church of St. Michael, Aldeborn, Edmund Hobbis, Elizabeth Godard and Joan Yate, to hold to them and the heirs of the said Joan. The said Joan was seised of the premises accordingly in fee, and the other grantees in their demesne as of free tenement.
The said Richard was seised in fee on the day of his death of the remaining under-mentioned messuages and lands, as well as the messuage and lands in Aldeborn excepted above.
He died 18 July, 20 Henry VII [1505]. Joan Yeate, aged 30 years and more, is his daughter and heir.

WILTS. 5 messuages, 5 gardens and 16a. land in Aldeborn, worth 40s., held of [the king, as of his duchy of] Lancaster, by a rent of 2s. yearly.
3 messuages, 2 1/2 virgates of land, 22a. meadow and 2a. wood in [UphamUpham, worth 30s., held of John Yorke by service of 13s. 4d. yearly.
A messuage and 18a. land in Aldeborn, held of the king, as of his duchy aforesaid, by service of 2s. 1d. yearly.
2a. land in Aldeborn called ‘Smythis lande,’ held of Robert Smyth by service of … . yearly.
A messuage in Rammesbury, worth . . s., held of the bishop of Salisbury by service of 8d. yearly.
A messuage and 4a. land adjacent thereto in Ocborne St. George, worth 12s., held of Thomas Michell by service of 2d. yearly.
A messuage in Swyndon, worth 20s., held of George, earl of Shrewsbury, by service of 12d. yearly.
A messuage, 12a. land, 14a. meadow and 1a. wood in Escote, worth 30s., held of the same earl by service of 12s. yearly.

E. Series II. File 961. (16.)