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Deceased: ADEE, Thomas of Alborne
Admon Issued: 17th February 1679
Administration Granted to: Mary ADEE, widow
Bondholders: Mary ADEE, John ADEE and Robert BUTCHER
Inventory prepared: 20th October 1679 by Robert BUTCHER and John ADEE
Admon Proved: 17th February 1679 at Marlborough
Original held by: Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre Ref: P3/A/164


Bond of Administration (Admon)

Noverint universi per p[re]sentes nos Mariam Eady de Alborne in Com[itate] Wilts viduam, John Ady ibidem Grocer et Robertus Butcher de Marlborough in Com p[re]di[cte] Grocer Teneri et furnitor obligari venti Setho Ward Clrk Art. Mag[ist]ror. Arch[dec]inatus Wiltes Arch[dec]ino, in Centum et Quinquaginta libris legalis monatae Angliae, Solvend vid[elicet] Arch[decia]no aut suo certo Attornat Sur[rogat]us vel Assignatis suis Ad quam quidem solucrem bene et fidelitor faciend Obligamus nos et quemlibet n[ost]rum per sepro toto et insolid Exe[cuto]r et Adm[inistrator] n[ost]ros furnitor per presentes.
Sigillis n[ost]ris Sigillat Dat decimo Septimo die February An[n]o D[om]in[i] (Stilo Angliae) 1679o.
Know all men by these presents that we Mary Eady, widow of Alborne in the county of Wiltshire, John Ady of the same place Grocer and Robert Butcher, of Marlborough in the said county, Grocer, are held and bound to Seth Ward, Clerk, Master of Arts, Archdeacon of Wilts in the amount of one hundred and fifty pounds of lawful money of England, that is to say the Archdeacon or his lawful attorney, surrogate or his assigns: to which obligation, well and faithfully made, we bind ourselves, each and every one of us to be Executor and administrator of this estate by these presents.
Sealed and Signed the seventeenth day of February of the year (English style) 1679.
The Condicion of this Obligation is that if the above bounden Mary Edy the Relict & Adm[inistrator] of all and singular the goods ch[at]ells and credits of of [sic] Tho[mas] Edy late of Alborne aforesaid Grocer intest[ate] dec[ease]d doe make or cause to be made a true and p[er]fect Inventory of all and singular the goods chattells & credits of the s[ai]d dec[ease]d w[hi]ch have or shall come to the hands possession or knowledge of the said Mary EAdy or into the hands and pos[sessi]on of any other p[er]son or p[er]sons for her – into the Reg[ist]ry of this Court when thereunto required & the same goods chattells & credits & all other the goods ch[atte]lls and credits of the s[ai]d dec[ease]d which at any time after shall come to the hands & pos[sessi]on of the s[ai]d Mary EAdy or into the hands and pos[sessi]on of any other p[er]son or p[er]sons for her doe well & truly administer according to law Alsoe doe make a true & just accompt of & upon her s[ai]d Adm[inistrati]on when she shalbe thereunto lawfully called. All the rest and residue of the s[ai]d goods ch[attl]es and credits which shalbe found remaining upon the s[ai]d Adm[inistrator]es accompt the same being first examined and allowed of by the Judge or Judges for the time being of the s[ai]d Court shall deliver & pay unto such p[er]son or p[er]sons respectively as the s[ai]d Judge or Judges by his or their decree or Sentence pursuant to the true intent and meaning of the late Act of Parliament in the case shall limit & appoint & if it shall hereafter appeare that any last will and Testam[en]t was made by the s[ai]d dec[ease]d & the Exec[uto]r or Exec[uto]rs therein named doe exhibit the same into the s[ai]d Court making request to have it allowed and approved accordingly if the said within bounden being thereunto required doe render and deliver the s[ai]d L[o]rds of Adm[inistrati]on (approbacion of such Testament being first had & made) in the s[ai]d Court Then this Obligation to be void else to remain in force.
Sealed & delivered in p[re]sence
Jos: Barbe No[tary] Pub[lic]
Mary Adee
her mark
John Adee
Robert Butcher


  [First Page]
  A true & p[er]fect Inventory of All & Singular the goods Chatles & Credditts of Thomas Adee late of Alborne in the County of Wilts taken & Appraysed there the twentieth day of October An[n]oq[ue] dom[ini] 1679 By Robert Butcher of Marlborough in the County Aforesaid And John Adee of Alborne aforesaid as Followeth
  Imprimis his books his clothes and money in the house   7 0 0
  Item In the hall one table board three joyned Stools two high Chairs three low chairs & one low stool   1 0 0
  Item one Jack two spitts A pair of dogs A pair of Andirons two dripping pans A fire pan & tongs A grid iron Chafing dish And two pair of hangles and fender   0 15 0
  Item eight pewter platters two plates A Flagon six porringers two Candlesticks one salt A chamberpott six throws[?] A warming pann 1 dozen of wooden plates some earth & glass   2 0 0
  Item A looking glass   0 2 0
  Item A bacon rack A flitche & some Bacon   0 3 0
  Item In the Buttery  
  A little table one Joyne Stoole three barrills And one Bottle one Skillett one Skimer one basting ladle A flaskett A brass Kettle some other things   1 10 0
  Item In another roome  
  Item One bowle two Kievers A mash Fatt some boards & shelves in the little roome   0 15 0
  In the Chamber  
  A bedsted matt & bord A feather bed & Coffers 5 pillowes three blanketts A coverlett Curtains & vallins 1 other A beds[te]d rugg   4 0 0
  Item two trunks A chest A chair A side cubbard & cloth   0 10 0
  Item sheets & table lynen   2 0 0
  Item In the next roome A p[ar]cell of earthen wares some lynun & some baster rope   0 15 0
  Item timber & fire wood   6 0 0
  Item In good debts as wee believe   24 0 0
  In the Shopp  
  Item 9 doz. & ?half of candles   2 2 6
  Item 13 pair of mens Stockins   0 17 0
  Item 7 pair of Childrens hose   0 2 6
  Item 25 pair of woomens & childrens hose   1 0 0
      54 12 0
  [Second Page]
  In the Shopp  
  Item 15li of thr[ea]d   1 8 0
  Item pins   0 6 0
  Item salt   1 10 0
  Item Ribbon & galloomes   5 10 0
  Item bone lace   1 0 0
  Item Silke lace & silke laces   0 5 0
  Item 12 doz of Gimp lace   0 12 0
  Item 6 doz of Cadis lace   0 4 0
  Item Cadis & Cotton   0 6 0
  Item 25 grose of buttons   1 5 0
  Item 21 peeces of open tape   0 9 0
  Item Severall p[ar]cells of thred & tapes & laces   2 0 0
  Item Paper   0 2 0
  Item belly peeces & collers   0 2 0
  Item Cards & tobaco boxes   0 2 0
  Item pewter measures & tunills   0 3 0
  Item ili of Silke   0 12 0
  Item Nayls   0 10 0
  Item fruit & Spice & sugar & some other things as sope & ayle & hips   1 0 0
  Item old Iron Spindles & whars & some other small things   0 5 0
  Item Counter Shelves Boxes Skales & waits morter & pestell And some other things   1 0 0
  Item Strong water & vinegar   0 2 0
      18 13 0
    54 12 0
    Sum total is   75 5 0
  Robert Butcher
  John Adee
  Exhibit[um] xvijmo die Feb: juxta p[er]
1679mo. Cora[m] M[agist]ro Joshua Saceverill
Cl[eri]co, D[o]m[ini] Arch[deca]nus Wiltes Surro[gatte]
&c per Marias Adee vid[uam] Rel[icte] et Adm[ministrat]or
p[er] vero &c Sub &c.

Jos. Barbe Actuarius
Presented on 17th February 1679 before
the court of Joshua Sachaverill, Clerk, surrogate
of the Lord Archdeacon of Wilts etc. for Mary Adee,
widow, relict and Administrator as a true [account] etc. etc.
Jos. Barbe Actuary