Aldbourne Heritage Centre

Testator: ADEE, Thomas of Awborne
Will Signed: 23rd November 1616
Witnesses: John MUDGE and Roger GILMORE
Inventory prepared: 6th December 1616 by Robert PEARCE, John MUDGE and Roger GILMORE
Will Proved: 20th June 1620 at Marlborough
Original held by: Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre Ref: P3/A/27

In the Name of God Amen the three and twentieth day of November, In the yeare of our Lorde God 1616 I Thomas Adee of Awborne in the County of Wiltes and diocese of Sarum, being sick of body but of perfect remembrance and Compotent stren[g]th I prayse God And doe make this my last Will & testam[en]t in manner & forme Following, First and principally I bequeathe my soule into the hands of Almighty god my maker & heavenly Father trusting to be saved only by the redemption that is in Christ Jesus Item I geave and bequeathe unto my Sister Ellin Adee Tenne poundes in manner and forme following that is to say, the said tenne poundes is to remayne in my brother Richard his handes, until my Sister is maried, And in the meane tyme he is to pay her xxs a yeare for the use of hit, And that xxs is to be bestowed by him upon such thinges w[hi]ch he thinkes She have most neade of and when She is maried to a honest man And one that is willing to live in the world, then she is to receave her Ten poundes Item I geve to my Sister Alice her Childe vj£ xiijs iiijd to be payd within Forty Weeks after my Decease All the rest of my goods & chattles moveable & unmoveable, I geve & bequeathe to my brother Richard whome I make Constitute & ordayne my sole & whole Executor of this my last will & Testament.

Witnesses to this Will
John Mudge
Roger Gilmore
Probatum apud Marlburgh Coram ??? ??? Hungerford Official: ?? apud Marlburgh xxd Junij Ano Dni 1620 ??? … ???


  An Inventory of all the goodes & chattles of Thomas Adee of Alborne taken by Robert Pearce, John Mudge & Roger Gilmore the Sixth day of December in the yeare of our Lord god 1616
      £ S d
Imprimis First of Corne   vj£   6
Item xij Sheepe   v£   5
Item the executors have in his living   iij£   3
Item xxty Poundes of woll   xxs   1
Item in money he had in special & in his owne keeping xxs   xxxiiij£ xxd   34 1 8
Item one Coffer   ijs   2
Item one payre of sheetes   vjs   6
Item his Apparrell   xxvjs   1 6
  Some   liiijs xvs viijd   54 15 8
  Signatum apud Marlburgh
[???] 20: Junij 1620