Aldbourne Heritage Centre

We have areas of responsibility assigned to committee members. Currently they are:

Chairman: Liz Dymond Officer

  • Takes the chair in meetings.
  • Agrees the agenda with the secretary.
  • Makes sure that follow up actions are followed up.
  • Checks that the committee members are doing their roles properly.

Treasurer: John Dymond Officer

  • Be accountable for the finances of the centre.
  • Make up accounts quarterly taking into account needs of the particular charity registration which we have signed up to.

Fund raising: Alan Heasman

  • Co-ordinate ideas on fundraising ideas and activities. Keep a record of how much we make from different fundraising activities.

Secretary: Alan Heasman Officer

  • Take minutes accurately taking into account the discussions which are voiced in the meetings.
  • Maintain records of past meetings in a way that they can be accessed easily.

Curator: John Dymond

  • Overall responsibility for displays; acquisitions; content of centre.
  • Complete and maintain illustrated catalogue of collections.

IT and Publicity: Cassie Rust

  • Press releases when needed.
  • Upload items to web site.
  • Put up regular pictures on Facebook.

Volunteer/ steward secretary:

  • Make sure that stewards are catered for properly.
  • Do induction sessions.
  • Support any training they may need.
  • Encourage their participation in activities where they can be helpful.

Membership secretary: Jan Lambourn

  • Responsible for asking for subs/ collecting them and giving out membership cards; keeps records of members.

Outreach secretary plus programme manager: Terry Gilligan

  • Do posters for meetings/ put them out/take down.
  • Liaise with other village bodies in order to bring our collection to others and support the inclusion of others in the centre. Keep note of talks and planned activities.

Grant applications: Gavin Dixon

  • Come up with ideas for fundraising; be responsible for knowing about and being responsible for grant applications.

Health and Safety: Liz Dymond and Alan Heasman

  • Be accountable for the health and safety of the stewards and the centre; keep appliances PAT tested including fire extinguishers.

Safeguarding: Liz Dymond

  • Be accountable for safeguarding issues; write up policy inform all member and stewards of what safeguarding issues might arise.


  • Be accountable for repair of Centre and installation work when required.