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2016 Talks

These are the 2016 talks that have been digitised

Barnes Yard Archaeology

A brief summary by Chris Rust

Excavation location

When I first skim read the report and looked at the drawing thought it was boring, but there’s an interesting twist at the end!

Dating of features is by the latest find within the feature – most dating evidence here was …

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Digging A Roman Villa

About Me

So, first a bit about me

Moved here not knowing of links to village My grandfather passed through Chiseldon late 1915-1916 Great*3 grandfather Richard Westall of Ramsbury Great*6 grandfather Mark Westall (b 1703) of Aldbourne Links to Westalls, Lewingtons, Palmers and more!

About Mow Cop

So we all love to see some old …

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Fustian: From Egypt to Aldbourne

A talk by Alan Heasman – 27 June 2016

— Its origins……….

— Its increasing popularity……….

— Its arrival in England……….

— Its arrival in Aldbourne……….

— The ‘boom’ years……

— Its decline……………



—Is it  fustian or fus’chan ?

—I will (probably) stick with fustian


—With respect to ‘The Old World’, …

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Yew Tree Cottage & Albert Stacey

A Talk By Warwick Hood – 27 June 2016

Yew Tree Cottage

Yew Tree Cottage as it looks today does not look very distinguished by Aldbourne standards, or even very old; also, it’s not a listed building, unlike about 80 Aldbourne residences

Nevertheless, research has revealed some interesting history, including about one particular …

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