Medieval Fayre



We hope to reschedule it to somewhen in the autumn

The Aldbourne Community Heritage Group is pleased to announce the launch of the ALDBOURNE MEDIEVAL FAYRE which will celebrate the village’s rich and interesting medieval heritage. We know there was a market in 1311 and that John of Gaunt owned the manor; the Church was extended, some of the workers being put up in the local pub. The Fayre will seek to bring our Medieval Heritage to life and help us learn more about famous people and events which helped shape our village today.

We must thank the National Lottery Heritage Fund and those people who played the National Lottery for the support of £5,300 which will enable us to put on this event. We are thrilled by their support.

Prior to the weekend in May, we will be exploring Aldbourne’s medieval history with St Michael’s School, youth and other village organizations; the aim being to educate as well as entertain.

Our plans for the weekend include:

  • A medieval camp on the village green, including:

    • Stone mason, who will run have-a-go sessions

    • Tile maker who will also run have-a-go sessions

    • Medieval re-enactors who will talk to visitors about medieval life

  • Knights on horseback

  • Archery

  • Falconry display

  • A Market on the Green

We’ll make extra information, history, links etc available here as a reference point.

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As has been shown so many times, the people of Aldbourne seem to love a chance to dress up! So if you're interested in dressing up when attending the medieval fayre there are a few options. If you want ready made clothes there are plenty of options online, just search for "medieval costume" on Amazon,...

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