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Grand Opening 2016

On Easter Monday 2016 our centre had its official grand opening. We were pleased to welcome

  • Phil Harding (of Time Team and Wessex Archaeology) who gave a short speach and cut the ribbon, which was held by two of the oldest dabchicks
  • Dr Neil Wilkin of the British Museum who also spoke and then presented up with the replicas of the Aldbourne Cup which had been created for us by …
  • Graham Taylor a potter who specialises in recreating potter from the Bronze Age up to the Cold War. He has written a blog page about re-creating the cup.


GrandOpening_GH_ClippingWe do have film of the event and photos, which we will put here, but in the meantime here’s the coverage we got on page 5 of the Gazette and Herald.

Additionally, we also have a high quality video of the event, which can be seen here. We are very grateful to Martin for producing this.

There is also some nice coverage on the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre Blog.