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New Items

As we keep on saying, we are truly grateful for all items that are donated to us and go into our collections.

If you think you have something of interest, please do make contact with us. The more items we have, the more we can share with the village, and the better our understanding of our villages history will me.

Here are some of the latest things that have been acquired by us and donated to us


 LiddiardAlbums  Aldbourne Heritage Group is delighted to announce that we have just been entrusted with the preservation of an important photographic history of the Aldbourne building company of William “Busky” Liddiard.

The collection of six albums and several packets of loose photos has been deposited on permanent loan by a former manager of the building firm.

(There are many more than this picture shows!)

Aldboure Band Heritage Project Archive

The Friends of Aldbourne Band have kindly given us a copy of all their archive relating to their Heritage Project. We will be putting as much of this as possible online (where appropriate and of interest)

 Old Priests House Papers

A Set of papers relating to the history of the Old Priests House

 Papers from Gina Marreco

Papers pertaining to her late husband, who was an advocate at the Nuremburg War Trials and a founding member of Amnesty International.

Aldbourne Cup Replicas

Created for us by Graham Taylor. The one on the left is how it is thought it might have looked originally, the one on the right is now it is in the British Museum at the moment.

 the_wedding The Village Wedding original script

A script of the play by Charles McEvoy, this is thought to be one of the originals and has many pencil annotations. Soon this item will be conserved and digitised. We are hoping that ALEC will re-stage the play.


Various maps of the area

 postcards Postcards and Photographs

Various postcards of the village, and a family photo album.

If you have photographs of the village that your family does not want to keep, we’d be interested in hearing from you.